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Why SEO Backlink Building Is More Important Than Ever 2017

SEO backlink building has always been the most powerful method for ranking websites quickly and attracting targeted traffic from Google. That is truer today in 2017 than it has ever been before. But what is a high-quality backlink? What do search engines look for? What kind of linking practices will get you penalized in 2017?

What Is A Backlink?

A backlink is basically a vote of confidence in the site being linked to. But unlike political elections, when it comes to SEO, all votes are not equally valued. Some backlinks are more valuable than others, and some backlinks can actually be harmful, as you’ll see in a moment. But if your website has the right kind of backlinks pointing to it from the right sources, you’re guaranteed to get better search rankings than sites without those links.

Simply put, backlinks are the most important ranking factor that Google and other search engines take into account when determining how to rank a website today in 2017. There are many factors to consider, but backlinks are at the top of the SEO hierarchy. If your website doesn’t have high-quality backlinks, then you are missing out on targeted traffic, conversions and earnings.

Penguin 4.0

In September 2016, Google rolled out version 4.0 of its infamous Penguin update to its algorithm. Penguin devalues websites with unnatural backlink profiles, but it hasn’t really changed much with this latest update. Spam, automated, low-quality backlinks are still targeted as before, but now Google is attempting to have Penguin work in real-time as opposed to being refreshed every few months or so.

Also, Penguin 4.0 penalizes the pages containing spam links themselves rather than the entire website on which they appear.

What Makes A Quality Backlink?

The most important factors Google looks at in a backlink are relevance and authority. Google wants to see natural backlinks, so anything that looks unnatural is likely to lead to a penalty. So when attempting to build backlinks, you want links that come from sites that are relevant to your own site. If a website about car repair is linking to a website about pet care product, which looks unnatural and is not likely to carry much weight.

Authority is also important. Links from websites that Google considers authoritative – such as major news sites or government websites – will push a lot of link juice to your own website, but links from low-quality sites like content mills and spam niche sites will bring little value or may even lead to penalties.

Contextual links embedded naturally within the body of the content carry more weight than backlinks tacked on at the bottom of the page as a footnote or as a blog comment. Some links do have more impact than others, but that doesn’t make those other links worthless. You might even argue that the “worthless” links are necessary too.

The Importance Of Backlink Diversity

You want your website’s backlink profile to look natural, and to accomplish that you need a diversity of links out there on the web. It’s natural for people to link to great content on social media, in blog comments, in blog post content and on forums. For this reason, you want your backlink efforts to include all of these, but with an emphasis on getting those links from high-quality, relevant and authoritative sources.

Going overboard on contextual links with unnatural anchored text will get you penalized.

What To Look For In An SEO Backlink Building Service?

With today’s economic climate and the growing strength of the Canadian dollar, Agencies are able to deliver great value to their clients and offer back linking services that can catapult their clients’ websites up through the search rankings.

If you’re looking to hire an agency to do your SEO backlink building for you, it’s important that those links are built manually to ensure the quality of the links it kept high – that they are going onto relevant websites that carry authority in the eyes of the search engines rather than being blasted out using spam bot computer programs.

Why Canada SEO Experts Are In High Demand?

SEO is a universal service which is needed by all kinds of businesses. It doesn’t matter if a business is a small online set up or a large e-commerce site, SEO is a necessary thing for all. This is the reason, why SEO experts and digital agencies are in demand. The companies in countries like US and Canada are looking for experienced SEO experts, who can provide the benefits of modern SEO techniques. The companies are willing to pay and they are taking advantage of the Canadian dollar value in order to get more from the Canadian-based online services such as web development, B2B services, and SEO. This has created a demand for skilled SEO experts in Canada and worldwide.

SEO Is Complex, and Ever-Changing

The rules for SEO are constantly changing and this discourages the newcomers in the field of SEO, the ones who are on the fence of learning and entering the digital world. The true SEO specialists spend about half their time on learning the new rules and trends of SEO. But, the issue is changes to SEO are happening on a weekly and sometimes on a daily basis. Even the most experienced and seasoned SEO specialists can become inefficient if they don’t keep up with the SEO related news on a regular basis.


Businesses who are interested in hiring SEO services are having a hard time finding an SEO agency or a specialist because of the increasing demand. SEO in 2017 is more profitable than it has ever been for both SEO specialists and the companies who are using SEO to expand their businesses. Everyone needs to compete, everyone needs to optimize, and everyone needs to be seen and for this, SEO is the much needed thing. You’ll be surprised to know that about 10% of the companies in the entire world have paid for an SEO management or optimization service. Now, the big question is who’s helping the remaining 90%?

Canadian Dollar– More value for the money

Most of the U.S. companies are sourcing their online services from Canada, because they can get more for their dollar if they are paying in Canadian currency. Since, it hardly makes any difference regarding the transaction between the two companies; working with Canadian SEO experts makes all the sense in the world. Businesses are looking for SEO experts with excellent communication in their own time zone at an incredible value for the money. One can say that, if Canada has more SEO agencies and experts, then more money can pump into the SEO industry of the country.


The demand for Canadian SEO experts is rapidly increasing and the SEO experts in Canada are creating awareness about their services around the world. The value of the Canadian dollar is allowing the companies from the United States and other countries to avail benefits by taking help from the SEO experts in Canada. It is very easy to hire a Canadian SEO specialist or agencies; all you need to do is search ‘Canada SEO’ in Google and contact one of the top-ranked services.

All You Need To Know About SEO Reseller Programs

SEO reseller programs are more advantageous than simply reselling domain names, hosting, development services, and other services which are available on the internet. SEO reseller programs are highly in demand and various SEO agencies and web designing companies are utilizing these reseller programs. The reason is that these programs help in delivering the desired results which are required for a successful business. Your client will get results and these will make your business grow allowing you time to bring in more clients.

If you are considering joining an SEO reseller program, then you need to choose the one which complements your services. Look for a value based business cost, so that you don’t need to invest in your own SEO department which will be very expensive. While choosing an SEO reseller program, you need to be a careful, as some firms make use of SEO strategies in a negative way. These strategies can be keyword stuffing or adding irrelevant keywords. Some SEO reseller services may use black hat techniques to gain quicker financial returns, you would never want this kind of strategy as it very likely will get you banned.

Therefore, focus on choosing one which can provide sustainable results and get you desirable results and positioning.

You need to know that Google is extremely smart as it relates to link building and ranking. Google makes use of sophisticated link analysis and discovers how the pages are related to each other and in what ways. All of this is done with the focus on algorithmic use and analysis of links, attention and traffic. Links on the web page are interpreted as votes and when the algorithm is executed on a link graph, pages which are receiving more votes are more important. So, Google is responsible for getting you higher rankings if you have the proper focus on top quality links to your website.

SEO reseller programs are created according to the needs of the client, and there is no standard for a reseller program, as different businesses have different needs. Online marketing is completely geo-specific, and with location the competition changes. For example if you are running a business in Vancouver, then the companies which are running the same business in Edmonton are not your competitors directly. Thus, you need a reseller program which is based upon the organic positions of your competitors.

So, focus on choosing an SEO reseller program which can provide sustainable results and get you desirable organic positioning.


What Qualities You Must Look For In An Seo Expert?

If you spend on multimedia, then your website will look great, but do you know that your site may not be consistently attracting all your potential customers. Your website isn’t doing its job if you are not optimizing it effectively.

It’s time for you to hire a search engine optimization (SEO) expert. Finding an SEO expert isn’t that simple, you need one who can obtain quality links and from relevant websites.


Here are a few things that you must look for while choosing your SEO expert:

  • Years of experience: Anyone can set up a firm, and call themselves an expert in the field. Although, it is not necessary that they have the required knowledge within this field. It takes years of experience and hard work to do a good job. An SEO expert will be able to look at any external website and know how you can gain additional search engine traffic.
  • Understanding of all three levels: There are three tiers in SEO; first is technical in which the structure of the site is defined. The second is on-page optimization in which the use of keywords and HTML tags are used to increase the traffic. The third is off-page optimization. AN SEO expert needs to understand the technical limitations that occur in a search engine. An expert will also be able to articulate those issues to the developers in order to minimize them.
  • A well rounded perspective and knowledge: Modern SEO needs understanding of all the marketing strategies at a deeper level, just like the psychology of the modern day consumers and also the various aspects of web analytics.
  • Understanding the big picture: It includes focusing on conversions and achieving the search engine rankings required. The focus of any SEO technique should be able to attain the goal and not just a certain rank.

We have been in business for over 18years doing online marketing and have helped thousands of businesses achieve not only first page placements but as well as solidifying top positioning for some of the most aggressive search keywords in their industries.


So, don’t delay and contact us now!

A Website Is a Soul To Any Business!

Many small business owners believe that a website is just an expensive affair and there are no remarkable benefits of a having a website. But, here you will get to know that getting a website developed is actually like adding the soul to your business:

You will gain credibility: All your customers are present online, even the potential ones. They search the brands and products on the internet exclusively. If you have a website which has a professional design then your brand image will inspire your potential customers and you will gain credibility.

You can save money: You might think that you can’t afford a website. But, when you get an operational website, you can reach the market while sitting in your office. It is the only cost effective way to promote and market your business.

You can keep your customers informed: Your website will be your brochure on the internet. You can update the information in a quick way. It will let your customers know about your services and latest products that you offer.

It is accessible to all: A website works 24x7x365 and it is actually your employee that works without pay and without any time off. Even on Sundays and after office hours, your customers can view your products.

You can target a wider market: Your website is the best alternative to sell your products and services. E-commerce website’s can target a wider market, and you can make your services available globally.

There are some other things that your website will require, like a proper web design that will showcase your products or services in an organized manner without any distractions. Keeping fill out forms short and to the point as well as continuously testing headlines on the homepage. Geo-targeting areas while adding any features and functionalities is highly important. Also, continuously testing is the key to get the best conversion results.

Are You Looking For Reasons To Get White Label SEO?

White label SEO is used to focus on the main aspect of client relations, which is customer service. You can save a lot of time and energy by using white label SEO; otherwise you would be spending that time, and energy on generating SEO results on your own. This will even please your clients, as top quality SEO will provide prompt results for the customer which will definitely impress them.

SEO tasks appear simple, but in reality they require a great deal of technical knowledge. If you’re reselling white label SEO, you are actually allowing someone else to do the SEO work, and on the other hand you take credit and reap the benefits. You will be re-branding  the results with the help of white labeling.

Robust support is provided by the white label SEO techniques for completing various tasks related to marketing. It helps you focus on your customer and other needs of your organization. SEO is difficult, but with white label you can be assured that you are providing the desired satisfaction to your clients. This also reduces the risk of your client moving to another company. You can even compete with the big boys of the industry by ensuring that you will provide a tailored approach to your customer. White label actually minimizes the risk that your clients will leave.

Every marketing business needs white label SEO, as it also bridges the knowledge gap. Financial benefits are promising and the additional freedom and flexibility that it provides to a business helps in staying strong against the competition.

We’ve been in the business for over 18 years doing online marketing and we’ve been working with thousands of companies with an extremely proprietary and unique approach that no one else can duplicate as effectively and affordably as we do.

Effective Link Building in 2016 And Beyond

Link building is still one of the ways to boost your search engine rankings and market your brand, website, product, or service to your niche. To succeed in link building, you have to look beyond quantity and focus on quality. You also have to look at link building as more than just an SEO task. When you link and get a link back, you are building relationships. These relationships ultimately help your website rank higher in the search engines, and even more importantly, they increase your brand mentions and lead potential clients to your door.

Effective link building is no doubt challenging and stressful especially because Google seems wishy-washy about which tactics are acceptable and which aren’t. Link building as a discipline has certainly evolved. You need to make sure that everything you do complies with Google’s best practices or you risk getting penalized.

Are links still important in 2016?

Yes, though ‘effective’ link building now takes on a more personalized approach. This means avoiding shortcuts, removing links from robots, and banishing links from poor websites. Penguin—the sophisticated algorithm Google released in 2012—put an end to websites link farms. It brought light to backlink profiles, too.

How do you build links in 2016 and beyond?

According to Google’s Webmaster Guildelines, the best way to compel other websites to create relevant and high-quality links to your site is to create relevant and unique content—content that people will actually like and want to naturally share. There are no two ways about it: high-quality is and will always be king. When you offer valuable information presented in an engaging manner, you can expect people to link your content because they find it useful, amusing, helpful, or entertaining.

Targeted link building is now more vital than ever in boosting search engine rank. To survive in this game, forget everything you thought you knew about link building and go back to basics. Never try to manipulate or spam the search engines. Keep in mind that effective link building is a long term affair. Your goal should be to generate profitable and sustainable organic traffic to your website.

What Rank Brain Means For Your SEO

Google occasionally refreshes its algorithms to improve the way it indexes web pages while making sure that websites follow acceptable and fair methods of boosting their search engine rankings. In 2015, Google introduced Rank Brain, a ‘machine learning’ AI system and new algorithm that further enhanced its search technology. Machine learning occurs when a computer teaches itself how to perform certain tasks instead of relying on humans or detailed programming.

RankBrain is just one of the technologies behind Hummingbird. Apart from RankBrain, Hummingbird also incorporates (1) Penguin, Payday, and Panda to fight spam, (2) Top Heavy to reduce ad-heavy pages, (3) Pigeon for improving local search results, (4) Pirate for fighting copyright infringement, and (5) Mobile Friendly to provide mobile-friendly web pages.

RankBrain is essentially a hard working computer program that goes through billions of pages—which it already knows—then finds the ones that are seemingly most relevant for certain search queries. Think of it as Google’s AI machine. It processes about 15 percent of daily searches, but it is not a major algorithm update (unlike Penguin and Panda). However, Google has declared that RankBrain is an important ‘signal’ that helps match results to search queries, so if you are serious about SEO, then you should be looking at these signals.

‘Signals’ are the factors that Google uses to determine how web pages are ranked. They can be the words on a certain web page. Emboldened words may be considered as signals, too, and Google can takes note of them. Calculations that are used with PageRank provide pages a score, which is used as a signal. A page that is noted as ‘mobile-friendly’ gives a signal, too.

All these signals are processed by different parts in the Hummingbird algorithm to determine which pages Google will show in response to different search queries. Google has revealed having over 200 major ranking signals, each of which may have up to 10,000 sub-signals or variations. With RankBrain present, you may need to concentrate on mobile SEO, improving your local optimization strategies, producing better content, and curating the content that you share on your social media pages.

What Makes The Best SEO Companies?

Finding the best SEO companies can be difficult and challenging. If you do a simple Google search, you will no doubt find hundreds who are willing to take your project. Their pitches and promises all sound the same, though, making it difficult to determine which SEO company can actually deliver the results that you want. So how do you find the best SEO companies? The factors enumerated below will help you separate mediocre agencies from the greats:

1. People talk about them in a good way.

The best SEO companies have garnered hundreds of positive feedback and reviews about their services and what they do. You can find testimonials on their respective websites, but don’t rely on those. Be sure to look up reviews in third party sources so you can see unbiased feedback. Reputable SEO companies can offer references, too, so you can double-check their credentials and accomplishments.

2. They offer a comprehensive SEO program.

Seasoned SEO companies can cover everything from your website’s navigation and design to its content, incoming links, and coding. Just be sure that they are transparent about how they conduct optimization, and make sure that their SEO methods are acceptable and will not put your website at risk of getting blacklisted from the search engines.

3. They do their research.

Keyword research is an important part of SEO, so make sure that it is one of the steps that they do to before they start optimizing your website. Apart from this, seasoned SEO companies look up your competitors and analyze their websites to see how they are doing and how they compare to you. The goal of a good SEO firm is to understand the difference between you and your competition so that they can come up with better ways to target your audience.

4. They offer suggestions.

An SEO company does not merely take your to-do list and perform exactly what you want them to do. They are unafraid to offer suggestions that could improve your website’s optimization, structure, and other elements. You can be sure that they know exactly what they are doing.

5. All services are done in-house.

The best SEO companies have their own team of experienced professionals. They have people for every task—including link building and content writing—so they can deliver uniform and consistent results.

Link Building Techniques You’ve Been Overlooking

Link building is one of the building blocks of search engine optimization. It can increase your online presence and help build your brand. There are many kinds of link building techniques, but some of them are way past their sell-by dates and will no longer deliver the results that you want. Others still work, but are overused and abused. If you truly want to build links effectively and unconventionally, use the techniques listed below. They are typically overlooked even by some of the most seasoned search engine optimization experts:

  1. Help webmasters – Tell them about dead or broken links on their website and suggest on their site, and suggest that they update the link to point to page on your website that adds value to their post. Read and review the webmaster’s flagship or old content, and show them the research or content you have done to improve or solidify their claims. Giving them the opportunity to refresh their content can be your chance to build a relationship with them.

    Another way to help webmasters is by creating a badge scheme, such as ‘Top 100 SEO Blogs,’ and then giving one for them to put on their site. The badge scheme is a win-win arrangement—it adds authority to their website and gives you link juice.

  2. IFTTT – ‘If This Then That’ or IFTTT is a great tool for automated link target discovery. The platform is typically used for social media and other tasks like sending networking emails and fulfilling organizational tasks, but it can be used for automated link building, too. It notifies you each time you get mentioned online or when questions about your niche are asked on sites like Twitter, Yahoo!, and Quora, so you can answer them yourself. Likewise, it can help you spot PR opportunities from publications journalists and show you when certain sites are linking to your competitors, so you can look into them and find out how they can link you as well.
  3. Audio content – Create an audio version of your content so people who have no time to read can listen to it instead. This may help increase the number of people organically linking back to your content.
  4. Quote or click-to-tweet opportunities – These provide a viral aspect to your content and make it easier for others to quote you.
  5. Facebook – If you have the budget, Facebook ads to target journalists who can create backlinks for press releases. It’s certainly worth looking into.